Estates and Property

Hibiscus Law

Our staff can be counted on for any legal matter relating to business estates and property. It’s integral to your financial future that you are clear on all aspects of your agreement, which is why we offer service and advice that is transparent. A business lawyer can help you reach an agreeable outcome for

  • Estates
  • Sales and purchases


Placing your assets in a trust can protect you in the future and ensure your business stays on track. Walking you through the process, we can look at all existing trusts and can advise you on setting up a trust and what options are available for your specific situation. Speak to a business lawyer at our firm in Auckland today.

Employment and conflict resolution

Being involved in a business contract or agreement requires a level of trust on behalf of each party. At the same time, you need to ensure you are fully protected for all potential situations that may arise throughout the course of your agreements. By working with a business lawyer at our firm in Auckland you can receive service, advice and mediation for:

  • Employment agreements
  • Conflict resolution